Wilayat (Authority) of AhlulBait (as)

1) Meaning of the Work Allah:

ورد، في ذيل الحديث الثاني المار الذكر: ... قال: قلت: الله؟ قال: الالف: آلاء الله على خلقه من النعيم بولايتنا، واللام: الزام الله خلقه ولايتنا».قلت: فالهاء؟ قال:هوان لمن خالف محمدا وآل محمد(ص)

I (narrator) asked what is meant by Allah.

Imam Sadiq (as) said: “‘Alif’ stands for the Blessing (Nemat) of our Wilayat on Gods creations. ‘Laam’ stands for the obligation of our Wilayat on Gods creations. And ‘Hey’ stands for disgrace for those who oppose Muhammad (saww) and the progeny of Muhammad (as).”

[Ref: At Tauheed – Sadook Pg 230]

Note: The Word/Name Allah is specifically for Allah (swt) and cannot be used for any one else as per the following narration of Imam Ali (as):

"The word 'Allah' is the greatest name of Allah (swt) and the word 'Allah' is specifically for Allah (swt). This name cannot be used for any one else and neither can any one be addressed with this name other than Allah (swt)."   

[Ref: Tafseer-e-Noor us Saqlain - Sura Al Hamd]

2) Imam's (as) do not die:

Imam Ali  said:

يموت من مات منا وليس بميت

The One who Dies among us does not die (actually).

[Ref: Basair Ad-darajat Pg 275 / Bihar Al Anwar Vol.27 Pg.303] 

From Ziyarat of Imam Hussain (as) on the day of Arafat – 9th Zilhajj:

فالنفس غیر راضیة بفراقك و لا شاكة فی حیٰوتك

I am very unhappy on account of your departure; and there is no doubt that you are alive.

3) Doing wrong against AhlulBait (as) is doing wrong against Allah (swt):

Certain persons of our people have narrated from Muhammad ibn ‘Abd Allah from ‘Abd al-Wahhab ibn Bishr from Musa ibn Qadim from Sulayman from Zurara from abu Ja‘far (DivineSupremeCovenantBody) who has said the following.

"I asked the Imam about the meaning of the words of Allah, the Most Holy, the Most High, ‘They (children of Israel) did not wrong Us but they wronged themselves.’" (2:57)

The Imam said, "Allah is far Great and Majestic and Mighty above being wronged. However, He has mixed up us with His Own-self. He has considered the wrong done to us as being done to Him and His Own authority as our authority as He has said, "Only Allah, His Messenger, and the true believers who are steadfast in prayer and pay alms, while they kneel during prayer, are your guardians." (5:55) It refers to the Imams from us. Allah has also said in an other passage, "They did not wrong Us but wronged themselves." (2:57) Then he mentioned a similar statement."

[Ref: Al Kaafi - The book on Oneness of Allah (swt) - H 363, CH.23, H11]

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