Authenticity of Fiqh Ar Raza - A Note

Tashahhud from Fiqh Ar-Raza

اشهد ان لا اله الّا الله وحده لا شریك له و اشهد انّ محمّداً عبده و رسوله اشهد انك نعم الرّبّ و انّ محمّداً نعم الرّسول و انّ علیاً نعم المولیٰ اللهم صلی علیٰ محمّدٍ المصطفیٰ و علی المرتضیٰ و فاطمة الزّهراء و الحسن والحسین و علیٰ الائمة الرّاشیدین من آل طٰه و یاسین.

...... I bear witness that no god but Allah alone with no partner and I bear witness that Muhammad is His slave and His Messenger.....I bear witness that you are the best Lord and that Muhammad is the best Messenger and that Ali is the Best Wali..... O Allah sends Blessings on Muhammad Al Mustafa and Ali Morteza and Fatima Az Zehra and Hassan and Hussein, and the Imam’s from the progeny of Taha and Yaseen.

This Tashahhud is quoted from Fiqh Ar Raza by Mirza Husain Noori in Mustadrak-ul-Wasail.


Fiqh Ar-Riza is the book which Imam Ali Raza (as) provided on request of Naseer-ud-Deen Ahmed bin Jafar bin Zaid bin Imam Zain Al-Abideen (as).

The original book was written in 200 Hijri which contained the writing of Imam Ali Raza (as) and the writings of other Narrators and was available in Mecca in the library of Allamah Sayed Ali Khan Shirazi. This was the true version of Fiqh Ar-Raza on which Allama Majlisi, Qaazi Ameer Husain and Faqih-e-AhleBait Sayed Muhammad Mehdi Behrul Uloom etc had shown full faith and declared it to be authentic.

Hence Allama Sayed Mehdi Husaini Qazwini in ‘As Sabik Az Zamiya’ writes regarding Fiqh Ar-Raza:

و احكم بحجیة فقه الرضوى ﻷنه معنى حديث قد روى و اعتمد القول به الفهامة بحر العلوم خالى العلامة

Order the Hujjat (Proof) of Fiqh Ar Raza because its equivalent to narrated tradition and which was trusted by Behrul Uloom.

[Afisatal Muwaqqin Pg 225]

Allama Jazairi and Mirza Husain Noori  (the writer of Mustadrak Al Wasail) have proved that many traditions from Fiqh Ar Raza have been quoted as it is in Man la Yahzarul Faqih and many laws of Fiqh on which no authentic reports were available were authenticated based on Fiqh Ar Raza.

Faqih-e-AhleBait (as) Sayed Muhammad Hashim Isfahani [1318 Hijri] writes:

“Verily Fiqh Ar Raza is such a book for which its proven that in case of conflicting narrations, if any narration is supported by any narration from Fiqh Ar Raza then that narration will stand proven and considered as strong.”

[Ref: Az-Zareeá fi Tasanef-us-Shia Vol.11 Pg.139]


The current copy of Fiqh Ar Raza which is available is mixed up containing narrations from the book ‘An Nawadir’ by Ahmed bin Muhammad Isa Ash’ari or from the book ‘At-Taqleef’  by Muhammad bin Ali Shalmagani.

 But it is wrong to say that Fiqh Ar Raza is the book ‘At –Taqleef’  of Shalamagi, because Allamah Majlisi has written that the original version of Fiqh Ar Raza was written in 200 Hijri which was seen by Qaazi Ameer Husain in Mecca which had the date 200 Hijri written on it, while Shalmagani died in the year 329 Hijri and the book Fiqh Ar Raza was well known a century before Shalmagani.

And regarding the book of Shalmagani ‘At-Taqleef’, Husain bin Rooh has proved that only a few narrations in this book were incorrect and not the complete book and these few incorrect narrations have been highlighted in Bihar Al Anwar Vol:84 Pg:218.

But no one raised object on the Narration of Tashahhud in the book and on the other hand Faqih Sheikh Muhammad Husain Najafi in this book ‘Jawahir Al Kalaam Sharh Sharae Al Islam’ writes:

لو قرء القاری المروی عن فقه الرضا علی طوله زیادته علی خیر ابی بصیر لم یكن به باس

If one chooses to recite the complete Tashahhud as per Fiqh Ar Raza which is longer than the one narrated by Abu Baseer then also there is no objection in it.

[Jawahir Al Kalaam Sharh Sharae Al Islam Vol:10 Pg:280]


Sheikh Toosi writes:

ابا القاسم عن كتب ابن ابی العزاقر بعد ما ذم و خرجت فیه اللعنة فقیل له كیف نعمل بكتبه و بیوتنا منه ملاء قال اقول فیها ما قاله ابو محمد الحسن بن علی خذوا ما (رووا) و دعوا ما راوا

“After Shalmagani ibn Abi Azaqar was damned and cursed by Imam Az Zaman (atfs), Husain bin Rooh was asked ‘what do we do with his books which our houses are filled up with?’ He Replied saying ‘I will give you the answer which Imam Hasan Askari (as) has given that you take his (Shalmagani’s) earlier narrated traditions and leave is current opinions”

Sheikh Toosi says that Shalmagani ibn Abi Azaqar used to write a chapter of the book ‘At-Taqleef’ and presented it to Husain bin Rooh.

فبحككه فاذا صح الباب خرج فنقله و امرنا بنسخه

Husain bin Rooh used to correct it and when that chapter was corrected he used to copy it down and order us to write it down. Also Husain bin Rooh send the book ‘At-Taqleef’ of Shalmagani ibn Abi Azaqar to the scholars of Qum and wrote to them:

انظروا فی هذا الكتاب فیه شیء یخالفكم فكتبوا كله صحیح الا و قوله فی الصاع

“See this book if it has anything against you. They replied saying everything is correct except for one thing said regarding a measurement is not correct.”

[Al Gaibah – Sheikh Toosi Pg: 240]


Its stated in Rijal-e-Kashi Pg: 268 that Shalmagani was known to be among the outstanding scholars of the shia’s.

His books were written before he adopted incorrect beliefs and hence Husain bin Rooh did not raise objection on his books.

If someone still says that the narrations in Fiqh Ar Raza is from Shalmagani then also the answer is there. This very question was asked to Imam Az Zaman (atfs) and following is what Imam Az Zaman (atfs) replied:

فما صح لكم مما خرج على يده برواية غيره من الثقات رحمهم الله ، فاحمدوا الله واقبلوه

"If any such tradition comes to you from him which you can verify from our trustworthy narrators then thank Allah (swt) and accept that narration."

[Bihar Al Anwar Vol.53 Pg.151]

So now since we see that this specific narration of Tashahhud from Fiqh Ar Raza has been quoted by many of the trustworthy narrators such as sheikh Toosi / Allama Majlisi hence as per the advice of the Imam (atfs) we should accept this narration.